About The Authors

Aisling Mary Smith
University College Cork, Ireland

Aisling Smith is a final year medical student of University College Cork, Ireland.

Stephen Mannion
South Infirmary University Hospital, Cork

Dr. Stephen Mannion qualified in Medicine (1996) from UniversityCollege Cork (U.C.C.), Ireland. He specialized in Anaesthesia. He received his doctorate thesis (M.D.) in 2005 from U.C.C.. He is a Senior Clinical Lecturer with U.C.C. and a Consultant Anaesthetist at the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital.

Gabriella Iohom
Cork University Hospital, Cork

Dr Gabriella Iohom MD PhD is Consultant Anaesthetist at Cork University Hospital and Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia at University College Cork, Ireland. Co-author of over 30 peer reviewed publications, co-editor of a textbook and lead guest editor of a journal, her main interest lies with research on education and perioperative analgesia.

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Irish Medical Students Knowledge and Perception of Anaesthesia

Short Communication


Background: Medical students are often considered by anaesthetists to have a lack of knowledge of anaesthesia and the role of the anaesthetist.

Aim: The aim of this study was to assess the impact of a clinical clerkship in anaesthesia on Irish medical students understanding of anaesthesia as a specialty, the role of anaesthetists and career choice through comparison of pre-clinical and clinical medical students.

Methods: This was a cross sectional study of 80 Irish medical students who completed an anonymous questionnaire consisting of 16 items.

Results: Only 47.5% of clinical students were aware that anaesthetists participate in running intensive care units and just 65% knew that anaesthetists were involved in the management of chronic pain. However, 100% of clinical students recognised that anaesthetists administered epidural analgesia to obstetric patients and 30% of clinical students would consider a career in this specialty.

Conclusion: This research is providing medical professionals and educators with updated information which may be useful for improving students experience and understanding of anaesthesia.


Anaesthetists, Medical students, Medical student education, medical student curriculum


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